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Student Leadership 2017 - 28 October 2016

The annual Student Leadership process marks, and is a reminder of, the significance of the rhythm and flow of school life. Each year begins and ends, and this flow and the marking of change from one year to the next, is an important aspect of personal formation for adolescents. School structures like this, and exam block, reporting and end of term celebrations, help, I believe, to ground young people, and provide, we hope, a sense of assurance and confidence that the work they have been asked to do each term is ‘doable’. Once done, students can have a break and then move on to the next phase of learning and school life. These rhythms are an integral part of building resilience and optimism and a ‘culture of care’.

It is with pleasure that I announce the Student Leadership Team for 2017.


College Captains: Millie Barwick and Grace Perkins


Academic Captain: Bridget Forrester
Creative Arts Captain: Grace Cooney
Reconciliation Captain: Grace Sarra
Service Captain: Maddie Hampson
Spirituality Captain: Ruby Cevallos
Sport Captain: Emma Perrier


Beck House Captain: Carly Schultze
Cullen House Captain: Jemma Burchill
D’Arcy House Captain: Britta Herde
Healy House Captain: Hannah Thompson
Hendriks House Captain: Indea Fergusson
Lee House Captain: Bridie Carrigan
McKee House Captain: Meg Muir
Roche House Captain: Clara Luu


I thank and congratulate all girls who nominated for one or more of the 50 leadership positions that make up this high functioning and very successful leadership team structure. The Year 11 nomination process says to me that we have another very fine group of girls about to embark on their Year 12 journey. We know that each and every one of these students will ‘step forward’ as a leader in 2017 and play a significant role in welcoming our Year 7 and new students to the College. I have every confidence that, like this year’s Year 12s, who have brought a combination of high personal expectations and good natured happiness to the daily life of the College, 2017’s Year 12s will have an equally effective impact on student culture with their clear commitment to their own learning and their down-to-earth common sense. The College has been, and will continue to be, in very good hands!


Robyn Anderson



Above: Ms Robyn Anderson with 2017 College Captains, Grace Perkins (L) and Millie Barwick (R)


Above: 2017 Portfolio Captains (L-R) - B Forrester, G Cooney, G Sarra, Ms R Anderson, M Hampson, R Cevallos, E Perrier


Above: 2017 House Captains (L-R) - C Schultze, B Herde, H Thompson, I Fergusson, Ms R Anderson, B Carrigan, M Muir, C Luu (Absent: J Burchill)