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News & Events
Middle School Maths Extension Students Shine with QUT - 18 October 2016

Students in the Middle School Maths Extension Program participated in STEM workshops at Queensland University of Technology in Term 3. Workshops linked with the classroom curriculum and provided students with a hands-on opportunity to further their investigation skills in a university environment. The students were also given a chance to explore the technology on display at the QUT Cube, interacting with the periodic table and exploring the effects of changing gravity.


The first workshop was aimed at students in Years 8 and 9, and focussed on developing the students’ capability to process large amounts of data. The workshop used real data that was gathered, via sensors, on-site from food outlets within the Science and Engineering Centre. Students were challenged to examine gas usage and analyse the data, then report back on the environmental impact of the users. They had to use their investigation skills to identify which food outlet belonged to each set of data.


The second workshop was aimed at students in Years 7 and 9, and was an opportunity to explore the real life application of physics principles when applied to rockets. Students used a space flight simulator to manipulate software code in order to discover the relationship between force and mass and how this affects the motion of their rocket. They experimented with the rocket parameters to try to make their rocket reach orbit in space. At the conclusion of the workshop, students had to select the optimum fuel types and throttle measurements to gain the highest altitude score.


Students in these classes will participate in two more workshops this term that will allow them to explore electronic circuits and basic programming, using Arduino and ‘littlebits’ technology.


We are very thankful to the staff at QUT who have offered us these workshops out of their usual hours.


Caitlin O’Keefe
Middle School Curriculum Leader - Investigation Theme

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