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News & Events
LHC unites to save Champ - 28 May 2015

Lourdes Hill College’s inaugural PAW (Promoting Animal Welfare) Week (11-15 May) proved highly successful, with animal-lovers from across the College raising over $1,100 to help save the life of a much-loved local dog.

Champ the Border Collie, who lives on Beatrice Street, has been a popular member of the Lourdes Hill College community for six years, with girls stopping to play with him over his owner’s fence before and after school each day.

When six-year-old Champ was recently diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, the PAW service group wanted to do what they could to help, and dedicated their 2015 PAW Week to supporting Champ.

Champ’s chemotherapy treatment is expected to cost around $10,000, so PAW Captains, Georgia Karamihas and Abby Wood, together with PAW Coordinator, Ms Natasha Scanlan, set to work to find ways to help Champ’s owner, Michael, with Champ’s veterinary expenses.

PAW Week involved a number of fundraising activities, including a raffle, bake sale and a ‘My Pet Has Talent’ video competition, raising a total of $1101.05 by the end of the week.

Read more about Champ's story and Lourdes Hill's efforts to save him in the 24 May edition of the Catholic Leader.

Families can continue to support Champ by donating to his fundraising page.