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News & Events
Bringing love to the world - 06 August 2014

Listen…Learn…Live was the motto on the recent Ministry Outreach Trip to Sydney.

Three Year 11 students, Georgia Beggs, Annika Cameron and Emily Caputo, accompanied by Mrs Alyce O’Neill, travelled to Saint Scholastica’s College, a Good Samaritan school in Sydney, during the recent school holiday break to volunteer at numerous homeless and outreach centres.

The Ministry Outreach experience was about “listening with the ear of the heart”, which is a Benedictine value instilled at Lourdes Hill College. The girls volunteered at homeless shelters, nursing homes, soup kitchens and children’s hospitals. Whilst it was an opportunity for the students to give back to the community, the girls took more away from the experience than expected. Emily commented, “I was humbled by the experience as it opened my eyes to how others live their lives. I learnt more from them than they did from me.”

The week had its challenges but the Ministry Outreach group, comprising fifty girls from nine of the ten Good Samaritan schools, learnt about teamwork and how to support one another through what was, at times, an emotional experience.

“Ministry Outreach was transformative,” Annika said on the final day of the tour. “I want to tell everyone at school that we have a moral and social responsibility to break down the stereotypes against those less fortunate than ourselves. I also want to tell them that, even though it was a challenge, we had heaps of fun and got to be with other students our age from around Australia”.

An experience like this is unique as it instils a desire to make a difference in the world. The girls certainly listened and learnt from the stories of those they met but also lived a little in the shoes of others.