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News & Events
STEM Students Learn to Fly High - 07 June 2018

On Sunday 27 May, five lucky students and I attended the STEM in Aviation Careers Day for Young Women hosted by QANTAS. This exciting event, which is in its second year, showcased the variety of STEM career opportunities that are available for women in the aviation industry. We listened to presentations and spoke to a wide variety of professionals including commercial pilots, aircraft engineers, Royal Flying Doctors staff, RAAF pilots, air crash investigators, air traffic controllers and even a Boeing specialist designer who worked on top secret military aviation design projects.


We climbed in and out of a variety of aircraft and explored the inner workings of the planes.

Here is what the students had to say about the event:


"The Aviation day was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I would recommend it if you want to work in aviation. It was a fun day learning all about aeroplanes and how I could work in that field of work. Throughout the whole morning, we were looking inside the planes, exploring the cockpits and talking to some cool people who are experienced in aviation. It was amazing to be able to have this opportunity to experience this."
Georgia Gavin
Year 10


“The Aviation Day presented us with a fantastic insight into how vast women's scale and magnitude is within Australia's aviation industry. It became evident to us that women are hugely underrepresented in Aviation and form the underwhelming minority; but through the one on one experience with women of the industry, we were shown how those who pursued their dreams in aviation flourish in their male-dominated roles. Overall this day was greatly treasured by myself and the other girls who attended; showing us more than the stereotypical work positions that await us after school.”
Ella Ferguson
Year 10


"There is such a variety of careers out there that not a lot of people know about and get to experience, but in aviation, all of these jobs involve commitment, adaptability and of course, being able to travel! We had the opportunity to see the internal structure of multiple planes such as the Boeing 787 and were able to experience first-hand what it is like to work in the aviation industry. Attending the 2018 STEM in Aviation Day hosted by QANTAS was incredible and something that I will never forget."
Temanu O’Brien-Schmidt
Year 10


“There were lots of fun activities like looking inside the cockpit of a Boeing 737, a Royal Flying Doctors service plane and a jet. We also learnt how some of the parts are made and how the engine works. We also received lots of merchandise from Boeing and Redcliffe Aero Club. It was really fun and I hope to do something like this again in the future.”
Lara Smalley
Year 7


"At the STEM in Aviation Careers Day for Young Women, I was able to meet with many women from a variety of companies, all with different jobs such as pilots (both commercial and Air Force), engineers and air traffic controllers. I was able to hear and learn about these women’s experiences in their careers in aviation. I had gone into the day with three jobs in mind and left with knowing exactly what I wanted to become. Overall I had a great experience and would recommend this to anyone interested in aviation or if you are unsure of what job you would like to have."

Lauren Leadbetter
Year 10


If you would like to learn more about STEM career opportunities in the aviation industry, please contact me at


Richelle Staley
Careers Counsellor