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McKee Victorious at 2017 Athletics Carnival - 27 June 2017

The 2017 LHC Athletics Carnival was a great success, with House spirit alive and well at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre on Tuesday.


Congratulations to McKee House, who claimed top spot at the end of the day.


We are very proud of all the girls who enthusiastically participated, cheered and contributed to the incredible atmosphere. 


I am delighted to share the full results, as follows:



1st: McKee (1882 points)
2nd: D'Arcy (1403 points)
3rd: Beck (1395  points)
4th: Hendriks (1340 points)
5th: Healy (1309 points) 
6th: Roche (1192 points) 
7th: Lee (1024 points) 
8th: Cullen (978 points) 




12 Years
1st: Madelyn Dobbs
2nd: Bianca Heffernan
3rd: Lillian McCoola


13 Years
1st: Georgina Cadman
2nd: Sarah Aboud
3rd: Abbey Mulholland


14 Years
1st: Emily Campbell
2nd: Binta Lamin
3rd: Georgie Dobbs


15 Years
1st: Hannah Coster
2nd: Domenica Fox
3rd: Katie Quinn


16 Years
1st: Piper Brown
2nd: Danielle Pegg
3rd: Chloe Cameron


17 Years
1st: Natalie Otway
2nd: Eloise Schlecht
3rd: Meg Muir


Special mention must go to Georgie Dobbs, Emily Campbell, Binta Lamin and Meg Muir, who achieved record-breaking perfomances! See results below.



Well done to one and all!


Sherelle Reid 

Director of Sport





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