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News & Events
LHC celebrates a bright future for teaching and learning - 23 February 2017

Lourdes Hill College staff and invited guests gathered on Friday 10 February to celebrate the opening and blessing of CiTEL (the Centre for Innovation, Teaching Excellence and Leadership) and the launch of the Lourdes Hill Foundation.

Chair of Good Samaritan Education, Miss Terry Creagh, did the honours of opening CiTEL and launching the Foundation, linking them both to the spirit of Archbishop Polding, founder of the Good Sams.

In her address, she quoted Polding’s reflection as he spoke to a gathering of the Sisters in 1870:

“The little plant has become a noble tree and it has grown not by human effort and contrivance (alone) but under the unmarked breathing of God’s grace. Thus, as ever, there is no room for us to boast, but a loud, loud call for thankfulness.”

Miss Creagh's full address is available to read here.

In her Principal’s Address, Ms Robyn Anderson said that CiTEL, a customised and dedicated space for teacher training, represented Lourdes Hill College’s investment in, and commitment to, a high quality staff.

“The weight of research tells us that it is through the competence and professionalism of their staff that schools have the greatest impact on student learning,” she said.

“This centre will challenge staff to keep up to date with developments in education, to collaborate effectively so as to increase the College’s collective understanding of best practice and to experiment with new and exciting ways of doing their jobs.”

CiTEL includes state-of-the-art spaces with leading edge technology where staff can collaborate, research and share practice on campus at the College.

The Centre provides a physical and virtual presence where educators from all over the world can meet and collaborate towards advancing teaching excellence.

Ms Anderson also spoke of the new Lourdes Hill Foundation as an important contributor to the fabric of life at Lourdes Hill College into the future.

“This body will allow our many supporters to invest in the ongoing stewardship of the LHC mission,” she said.

“It will mean that everyone who wants to contribute will now have a tax free means of doing so.

“Donors to the Foundation will be able to choose between three funds – the Building Fund, the Scholarship Fund and the Library Fund.

“There will also be opportunities to contribute to an annual appeal or to leave money to the College in a will.

“Funds will be invested and will contribute to major projects, with the first Annual Appeal allowing us to refurbish Duhig Hall in time for its centenary in 2018 and to establish a long desired Reconciliation Garden.”

Ms Anderson's full address is available to read here

For more information about CiTEL and the Lourdes Hill Foundation, visit and