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D'Arcy House

House Patron: Sr Leonie D'Arcy

House Value: Prayer

House Colour: Yellow

House Ministry: Kiribati 

 House History:
Sr Leonie D’Arcy came to Lourdes Hill College as a boarder in 1936 and served as Head Girl in 1942.  Leonie entered the Good Samaritan Novitiate at Pennant Hills and was professed in January 1946 as Sr Mary Brigid. She gained her B.A. from Melbourne University. She returned to Lourdes Hill College for one year in 1963, but the next year was sent to St Margaret Mary's in Townsville as Principal. While in Townsville she gained her M.Ed. 1972 marked Sr Leonie’s welcome back to Lourdes Hill College. She was Deputy Principal and in charge of the boarders for two years, then succeeded Sr Laureae as Principal in 1974. The following eight years were very special as Sr Leonie revelled in being back at her alma mater. With the involvement of staff and amazing help from the parents, the Art Show commenced in 1978 and flourished. Sailing and kayaking were introduced. Integrated Studies began for the Junior school.  In 1995 Sr Leonie returned to the Convent at Lourdes Hill College as Co-ordinator of Hospitality and began the Lourdes Hill College Archives.  Sr Leonie humbly accepted becoming the Patron of D’Arcy House at the beginning of 2007. The respect and affection D’Arcy students had for Sr Leonie was surpassed only by her love for them.  Sr Leonie passed away on May 21, 2012.
House Prayer:

God of Compassion,
Thank you for the values of respect and dignity instilled in us by our patron, Sister Leonie D’Arcy.
Teach us to be compassionate, generous and enthusiastic within D’Arcy House and the wider community.
Help us to strive towards excellence and live out the spirit of D’Arcy.
May we always shine.