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Spirituality in Art Award
- 2018 Recipient
- 2017 Recipient
- 2016 Recipient
- 2015 Recipient
- 2014 Recipient
- 2013 Recipient
- 2012 Recipient
Spirituality in Art Award
The Spirituality in Art Award is an annual acquisitive prize awarded, in the opinion of the judges, for the best religious or spiritual art work submitted.

Entry is open to all Lourdes Hill College students for artworks that have been created in the year of the award. The artworks may be in any media or any style.

Artworks submitted should address any suitable religious or spiritual subject, theme or idea. Students are thus challenged to consider religion and spirituality in significant ways across personal, sacred, social, political and contemporary contexts.

Each year, the selected artwork:

•        Demonstrates a recognisable religious and/or spiritual subject, theme or idea
•        Meets the terms and conditions
•        Demonstrates technical proficiency
•        Demonstrates an innovative approach to art-making
The selected artwork is acquired and displayed by the College.

The Spirituality in Art Award was jointly developed by the Lourdes Hill College Visual Arts and Religious Education Departments, with the inaugural award being offered in 2012. 

Images and information relating to previous winners can be found below.

2018 Recipient - Tarryn Farley

2017 Recipient - Ella Sendall

2016 Recipient - Lia Drivas

2015 Recipient - Cheyenne Nicholson

2014 Recipient - Delphine Shawcross

2013 Recipient - Kathleen Stevenson-Cameron

2012 Recipient - Caitlyn Chambers