Good Samaritan Ethos
Prayer & Liturgy
Social Justice
Spirituality in Art Award
We connect to our God, our world and ourselves through faith. We embrace the practical Benedictine values of genuine community, compassion, effective listening and moral stability, valuing prayer and peace. Through faith, we build optimism and confidence and a better world for the future.
At Lourdes Hill College we provide Religious Education lessons that encourage our students to have a keen awareness of humanity’s search for meaning and guidance through religious belief systems and moral frameworks. Our faith-based curriculum also includes the rich stories and traditions that underpin the College’s proud heritage including the stories of Bernadette Soubirous and the healing power of Lourdes, the stories of Saints Benedict and Scholastica and their practical everyday spirituality and rules for living a good life.
We celebrate liturgies and prayer experiences that are relevant and which engage our students to participate rather than spectate. Through an emphasis on faith, we encourage a strong sense of personal commitment and the duty to shape a world that offers a better future for all.
Our students put their connection to faith into practice through our extensive service program. We actively encourage participation in homeless and disability
outreach services, compassionate fundraising and connection and experience with a variety of Christian ministries to see the tangible results of their work across the world. Through faith, our students take positive steps forward toward better futures.